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Bucket List

I believe in dreaming, and goal-setting. Life can be much more than the status quo, if we only think outside of the boxes we are given. Truman got out. Neo got out. So can we.

Here is my bucket list, as of December 21st, 2012. Click this link to view the current list on Google Docs.

This is my bucket list. May I complete these tasks, or die trying.

  1. Write a letter to the President
  2. Ride a bull
  3. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  4. Go on tour with a band
  5. Visit a monastery
  6. Travel in a vehicle that runs on vegetable oil
  7. Explore a shipwreck
  8. Witness a solar eclipse
  9. Knit a hat
  10. Drive to Chicago.
  11. Drive to New York in a van with my friends
  12. Go to dinner in character
  13. Make pesto with homegrown basil
  14. Make Chicago style deep dish pizza
  15. Make home-made moon pies
  16. Memorize 100 digits of pi.
  17. Get Straight A’s for a semester
  18. Visit IHOP in Kansas City
  19. Play at Cornerstone Music Festival
  20. Run a half marathon
  21. Go to the top of a volcano
  22. Propose to someone
  23. Bike from coast to coast across the United States
  24. Visit New York, LA, and Chicago
  25. Watch a volcano erupt
  26. Read the Bible from front cover to back cover
  27. Go a day without saying anything sarcastic.
  28. Get a 4.0 GPA
  29. See a forest fire
  30. Speak Spanish
  31. Teach a class
  32. Take a road trip to Alaska
  33. Watch the sunset from Pass-A-Grille, Florida
  34. Visit Prague, Czech-Republic
  35. Go hangliding
  36. Visit Puerto Rico with the most beautiful person in the world
  37. Paint a silo
  38. Watch the sunrise on the Atlantic and the sunset at the Pacific on the same day.
  39. Perform a skit with improv everywhere.
  40. Build a home. Literally.
  41. Have a family
  42. Fall in love and get married.
  43. Travel from San Diego to Seattle/Vancouver via the Pacific West Coast Highway (Highway 1)
  44. Visit the Grand Canyon
  45. Learn how to idle on a fixed gear bicycle
  46. Take a trip down the Mississippi
  47. See the Hudson Bay
  48. Go around the world in less than 80 days.
  49. Grow a tree and eat its fruit
  50. Go a day without speaking
  51. Go a day in a wheelchair
  52. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
  53. Take a picture picking the nose of a wax figure
  54. Live out of a backpack for a month
  55. Visit all continental states
  56. Ride on a train, on the outside.
  57. Protest at Capitol Hill
  58. Go a week without shoes
  59. Go somewhere with 12 children and say they come cheaper by the dozen
  60. Travel on the Transiberian railroad
  61. See a Bansky piece on the street
  62. DJ a wedding
  63. Ride a snowmobile
  64. Go in an outdoor Jacuzzi during winter
  65. Bicycle around Lake Michigan
  66. Bicycle around Puerto Rico
  67. Bicycle around Lake Superior
  68. Ride in a hot air balloon
  69. Go surfing
  70. Go kite surfing
  71. Visit Washington DC
  72. Make a meal completely with home-grown ingredients
  73. Be in the audience on a TV show
  74. Visit a go-kart park
  75. Go paintballing with friends
  76. Break 100,000 blog visits
  77. Make pasta from scratch
  78. Graduate from College with honors
  79. Start a business
  80. Start a non-profit organization
  81. Go lasertagging
  82. Read a book by Tolstoy
  83. Speak conversational Chinese
  84. Get a Master’s Degree
  85. Take an Accounting class
  86. Teach a class on personal finance
  87. Teach a Spanish lesson
  88. Teach an English lesson
  89. Write a book.
  90. Publish a book.
  91. Write a novel for NanoWriMo
  92. Visit the Hudson Bay
  93. See the Northern Lights in full glory
  94. Build a bicycle-powered blender
  95. Build a bicycle-powered electricity generator
  96. Build a bicycle-powered washing machine
  97. Live forever or die trying


9 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Great list, though 47 and 92 seem really similar to me…

  2. You make me want to go out and accomplish things instead of just talking about it. Keep it up, man. It’s awesome!

  3. You can cross out #42 now! (This is MOM!)

  4. Wondering why my new gravatar isn’t showing up.

  5. Didn’t you already DJ a wedding, too? (Wesley & Marissa’s?)

  6. And now you’ve done #88, too! (I’ll shut up now!) 🙂

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