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My name’s David Shinabarger. This is a personal blog about things I’m learning, cooking, and finding while adventuring. Sometimes it’s a reflection, sometimes it’s a recommendation. I hope it challenges you to try something new, today.


7 thoughts on “Who

  1. Reading your blog every day……having a blast vicariously joining your adventure. You guys are great!!

  2. Barbara Shinabarger on said:


  3. Aunt Maureen on said:

    bug spray might be worth the weight!

    happy trails,
    Aunt Maureen

  4. We met Valerie and David today when they stopped in our bike shop. They spent some time with us while our repairman worked on their bike. What a great couple they are! And Mom and Dad of both of them….you done good! Great kids….any parent would be so proud to call them their own. They looked to be in good spirits and well rested, given how many miles they’ve come.

    We fine tuned their map to Mankato, Minnesota and shared some stories and they were on their way hopefully to make it there by 8.

    Peace and God Bless,
    The folks at Straight River Sports, Owatonna

  5. I hope they take the Sakata trail. Lots of geocaches along the way. About 1 every .1 of a mile.

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