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I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

I am typing on it right now, two thumb style.

This is an exciting gift, and I will most likely do a product review on it, but most likely from.  Computer, not a small touch screen device. For now it is very fun and I have already downloaded Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Work Week (or 4HWW as some bloggers call it) from the Woodstock Public Library system.

I will most likely be using this nifty device for textbooks in my classes this upcoming semester. I will be downloading The Confessions of St. Augustine for my J-term class. Very neat.


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2 thoughts on “I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

  1. Tell me how you like the Ferris book! Also, do you subscribe to Chris Guillibeau’s blog? He writes a great travel blog … very interesting! Good luck!

    • I don’t subscribe to his blog, but perhaps I will now! I have started following Tim Ferris’s blog, which is really quite interesting. I’ll be sure to check Chris’s out, for sure!

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