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Back to the ‘Burbs from the Developing World

I still like Woodstock after finishing my semester abroad in Antigua, Guatemala. But it’s no Antigua. I went walking around town, and noticed how much this is not a walking town. Crossing 47, one of the main roads through town is downright dangerous. As far as I can think of, there is only one crosswalk across it near the center of town, a couple on the north side of town, and none on the south side of town.

The Endurobros ended their first leg of their journey when Nathan broke his leg in an accident while driving the motorcycle in Columbia.

They wrote about their time visiting Guatemala and Antigua on their blog, and guarantees to make you laugh out loud at least once.

They were also just featured in The Woodstock Independent, with a cool article about them, and one hilarious quote from Nathan. See if you can find it.

We came back to America on Friday.


Leaving Guatemala for the United States!

Adjusting back to the lifestyle here is different. Everytime I arrive back in Woodstock I feel differently about it. Sometimes I notice how rural it is between towns. Sometimes I notice how cold it is, and that it is hard to go outside. Sometimes I notice how non-pedestrian friendly it is. Sometimes I notice how the part of Woodstock that is “in-town” is slowly being replaced by towns on the outer circle, giving Woodstock the feel of a suburb within a suburb. Wal-Mart put the sports store on the square out of business, and now Panera is drawing business away from Mom and Pop stores owned on the square. The automobile is changing this town, and its not for the bette.r

My roommate Ben from Guatemala, and Libby, who was Valerie’s roommates each kept very interesting blogs while we were there. I hope you read them. Libby’s blog is here. Ben’s blog is here. 

I was blessed in receiving the Gilman Scholarship to study in Guatemala. This is a federal scholarship to help support students going abroad to learn another language. If you are going to college, you should do a semester abroad. If you are doing a semester abroad, you should apply for this scholarship. If you need any advice, tips, or editing on your essay, please contact me. I would be more than willing to work with you over Google Docs on making sure your essay is the best. Check out the Gilman Scholarship website for the details.

I got back into Michigan late Friday night, and to Illinois Monday during the day.

Christmas-styled Elf North Pole Metra train I took from downtown Ogilvie station to Woodstock.

Christmas-styled Elf North Pole Metra train I took from downtown Ogilvie station to Woodstock.

Back at home, I’ve been finally able to use my laptop computer. My screen broke in September, but I’m able to use an external monitor. I’ve been cooking, cleaning our house, writing, speaking English and Spanish, playing games with my family, finishing up a certain internship/job application, and working on building a bicycle-powered blender from a vintage stationary bike.

Thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Back to the ‘Burbs from the Developing World

  1. Man, it was great reading your blogs while you were abroad (I still look at the postcard you sent me and laugh out loud once in a while!). I’m glad you’re finally home so maybe we can catch up sometime, but I know what it’s like…that is, coming back to a place that’s way different, and not necessarily better. Sounds like you’re having a good time at home, at least. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Yeah, man, it’s weird being home. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post-card. Only my most favorite people received the postcards that are hilarious. I think funny is better than pretty. : ) I hope to see you soon. – David

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