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Presidential Elections and Political Surveys.

This semester I´m taking social research design as well as research statistics classes.

With all this hype on the presidential election, surveys, and the bi-partisan system, I decided to make a survey.

I´m interested to see the results before the election, and whether they will predict who win. I´m also just interested in seeing any correllative significant statistics that I might be able to draw from as examples in my two different classes.

So, for fun and for serious, please fill out my survey!

I want your input!

Here it is:
Also, if you have any comments, questions, or critiques about this survey, I would love to hear about them! Like, if I should have had another question on there that I didn´t, or if you didn´t like how the question was worded or something like that, I would love to know.
Thank you.


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