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22 Years Old

I turned 22 yesterday. That is weird to say. I get the feeling that each year, with each birthday, I will be feeling and thinking that frase, “That is weird to say.”

It was a good birthday, but I didn´t do anything really quite as cool as I would have liked to. Especially compared to this guy.

However, inspired by this guy, I am planning to send out 22 postcards home to the states from Guatemala. I hope to start working on this tomorrow. Since I had class from 8-12, and from 2-5, I didn´t really do anything awesome on my actual birthday day except for 1) eating a choco-banano, 2) doing Spanish homework and 3) going to bed at like 9:30 PM. Not exactly a crazy party.
However, I was able to have a video chat with my family! I only wish that “Having Google Plus Hangout” rolled off the tongue as a verb as smoothly as “Skyping”. Thanks to my awesome roommate Spencer for lending me his Macbook!
Here is a fun photo of me and my family, ironically, without my twin brother Daniel.

Hanging out with my family! Google+ added awesome visual and audio affects!

Thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!



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One thought on “22 Years Old

  1. Daniel Shinabarger on said:

    I tried. My internet was pretty awful.

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