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Guatemala City

Today and yesterday we visited Guatemala city. We saw codices of the ancient Mayan civilization, which was my favorite part of the Ethnological and Anthropological museum. I thought the colorful codices were the originals, but a man with a red vest told me that they are not the originals, the originals are in “Swiza”, or Switzerland.

It’s weird that none of the 4 codices remaining in the world remain in Guatemala. Instead, they are in England, Germany, and Switzerland.

I cannot help but wonder what it must feel like to have my nation pored over by rich foreigners, and to have ancient artifacts removed and shipped off to some other foreign and exotic land that I cannot afford to visit.

Another fascinating fact is that many artifacts in the museum look like the same bowls, cups, and instruments that are still sold in markets here.

What will remain of today that will be in a museum in the future? Our old, broken iPod touches? Our rusted engines? My trophy from elementary school? My old shoes with holes in them? Our N64?

Isn’t it an odd thought that our things with lifetime warranties will outlast our lives?

I had this thought for the first time in a museum in Ann Arbor where they had an old wooden door from ancient Egypt. I don’t typically think about these things outlasting my short life, let alone an entire empire.

What does this mean for how we should treat our stuff?

Which is more important?


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