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A Year of Falling in Love

During Christmas break last December Valerie Sartor and I started falling in love.We’d been friends ever since we met in a game of water basketball during the spring 2010 semester. For both of us, entering a relationship with each other came as a surprise.

Yes, I did invite Valerie home for Christmas. But, I had brought other female friends home before, without any hidden motives.

The only motive I had was to complete her bucket list.

She has this list of three-hundred tasks she wants to complete and I took it as a personal goal to complete as many of these tasks as possible. After helping her check off things she’d always wanted to do like going to a zoo, ice skating, dropping objects off of large buildings, learning  a song on piano, being introduced as a fiance, learning  how to knit, using  valet parking, visiting Woodstock, and drinking horchata in December, we both felt the relationship forming.

After almost a week straight  together we had not only seen each other in a new way, but we felt compelled to pursue something greater. We realized that we loved being around each other and delighted in each other’s company. I laughed at all of Valerie’s clever jokes and she laughed at my terrible puns.

We had started falling in love. Or maybe it was just limerence. Whatever it was, it was wonderful.

One morning I squeezed some fresh oranges into juice and made Valerie breakfast.  We had talked the night before about the past few days and how we both felt and were excited to learn that we felt the same way. I went to the living room and presented Valerie with the breakfast and told her what I was thankful for and why I appreciated her. We didn’t realize this would become a tradition.

We are continuing this process daily. We tell each other something that we appreciate every day and something we are thankful for, cherishing each and every day.

We spent almost 100 days with each other for 24 hours a day bicycling across the country and yes, we still like each other. After that we spent 100 days apart while I studied in Guatemala and Valerie lived on campus at Spring Arbor University.

Embarking on an adventure such as a relationship can be scary, but for us it has been wonderful and rewarding.Valerie and I are still in love and are committed to sharing our lives with each other. No, we’re still not engaged, but we are still very much in love.
Here’s to you, Valerie Cathlene Sartor.

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5 thoughts on “A Year of Falling in Love

  1. jameswakeling on said:

    Such a beautiful heart warming post.

  2. David,

    Congratulations to you and Valerie. God has a way of bringing people together in surprising ways. You look like you both belong together. I know you deserve it. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. This is sweet, Dave. I’m pretty lucky to be able to say that I totally relate to this (minus the trip across the country – that hasn’t happened… yet). You kids are great and I’m happy for you both. Also, just want to get it out there that I was at that water basketball game, and I basically caused you guys to fall in love. Matchmaker Wesley strikes again!!!!

  4. Dear David:
    This is simply beautiful. Both you and Valerie are wonderful people. As you continue on in your relationship, if you continue to hold tight to the premise and purposes you state here, you will always find reasons to be thankful for each other. Thanks for sharing your story!

  5. So happy to read this entry. Don’t know how I missed it before.
    Beautifully articulated! Blessings on you both and on your

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