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Spanish Lessons Started today!

Today our Spanish lessons started in the morning. We are being tutored 1-on-1 in the morning for the next three weeks from 8AM-12PM every day. Today was absolutely awesome. I don’t speak much Spanish at this point, but the profesor was very patient and understanding, going slowly to allow us to learn. I told him that I was most interested in Conversational Spanish, so we mostly talked for today.

My homework for today is to learn how to roll my R’s. This is quite a challenge. I watched a few videos on YouTube, and this one was the most helpful.

I have quickly gone from not being able to make any noise whatsoever to being able to roll the R’s, just very loud and with specific effort. This is so exciting!

For a long time today I walked around the city and looked like a crazy person as I practiced making the “Rrr” sound in various ways. I did this because while practicing in my room I was starting to hyperventilate, and also because I do not have a good feel for the city. Antigua has strict regulations on the appearance of the buildings so as a result it seems like mostly everything kind of looks the same.

As you can see, this is a street in the city with Volcan Agua in the background. This epic giant mass can be seen from just about anywhere in the city on a clear day and provides a great directional compass of South.

Also, as if one video on the blog isn’t enough for one day, here is a fun video that Evan and Kyle took of our house. I hope you enjoy the tour!


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4 thoughts on “Spanish Lessons Started today!

  1. ELDER!!!! I know him! we stayed with his son when we were there 🙂 Thanks for the update Dave, I really miss this place

  2. Valerie Sartor on said:

    Your house looks awesome! Your bed does not! haha, make that thing!

  3. Awesome! Please tell your hosts they have a beautiful home! And that they are very brave to host a house full of crazy American boys!!! Good luck on your Spanish study!

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