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These are some flowers within a hotel in Antigua that is the nicest one in town. We saw these flowers while on a tour from the expert on Guatemalan History and preservation, Elizabeth Bell. These flowers truly caught my eye, and I was glad to have the camera with me. Surrounding the flowers are old ruins that are directly next to new development of an exquisite hotel that costs about $125 a night. The hotel is the most beautiful in Antigua, and contains many museums that we also visited today.

Tomorrow are the elections which will determine out of 10 candidates who will become president or not. If any one candidate receives the majority vote they become president, but most people think that this is unlikely. Possible, yes, but certainly unlikely. I am hoping that this post makes sense because I think as I practice my Spanish, my English worsens. Ah well. Se La Vie, no?


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One thought on “Photo of The Day

  1. I’ll be looking on-line for election results, too! As always, thanks for your posts!!!

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