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Churches in Antigua

There was an earthquake last night around 10:30 PM, just as we were about to go to bed. I was Skyping Valerie at the time when the entire room shook for a few seconds. That was quite an exciting end to the day. This morning we were able to see Volcana Fuego, the Volcana that is actually active, and it had a large plume of smoke coming out of the top of it. So awesome!

We visited a Monastery and a Convent today, both no longer in action and both containing some beautiful ruins. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera with me in the morning. Instead, I have these two pictures for the day.

This is a church that is just a few blocks from our homestay.

One of many churches in Antigua.

Today we listened to a presentation that discussed Guatemalan history regarding corruption, human rights, community, the meaning of life, and pressure cookers by local political journalist/analyst Matthew Creelman. His past has focused on a non-biased presentation through journalism of current issues and problems that are happening around Guatemala. However, more recently he’s trying to figure out what Rousseau meant when he discussed community. While searching for community he is also busy trying to figure out exactly what “Democracy”, “Liberty”, and “Equality” might mean. For an example of his journalism, check this out. 

I’m hoping to meet up with the guy for coffee or something sometime. Antigua has the feel of a University town, with lots of bookstores, cafes, students, and activities at all times. I’m really enjoying it here. Today we walked around at night for a little bit after watching the movie “When The Mountains Tremble” a sobering movie that focuses on the tension during the civil war between the U.S.-backed government and the people-backed Guerillas. Anyways, walking home after the movie was beautiful. Kyle, one of many roommates of mine commented that “It’s like Italy, since I’ve only ever seen pictures of Italy at night, not Guatemala”. I’ve never been to Italy, but it certainly is beautiful here. We heard a party that I was sure was some sort of bar on the way to La Union to watch the movie, but it turns out that it was simply a church service. That was quite a party with upbeat music, singing, and a little bit of dancing.

This is an alleyway that is literally across the street from our homestay. Muy bonito, no?

Tomorrow we are going on a tour around Antigua by the woman who wrote the book on Antigua. Not a book, THE book.

I hope you like the pictures!

Oh yes. There are other students here who are maintaining blogs while here in Antigua. Here are four of them!

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2 thoughts on “Churches in Antigua

  1. Awesome blogs, David! It’s all so fascinating!

  2. Looking forward to “following” you around Guatemala…

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