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Walking in Big Groups in Antigua

Today we walked around the city a bunch with our group of 18 students + two professors + several assistants from La Union, the spanish school we will be attending starting Monday. It’s official. I’ve only been here for less than two days and I am already thinking in Spanish. Actually, even writing this post is kind of difficult because I have been thinking in Spanish so much. It’s weird, but it’s totally happening.

We had breakfast with fresh fruit this morning and then met up at La Union for a tour of the town on foot. I don’t really enjoy walking around in such a huge group. It doesn’t matter if you are in Antigua, Chicago, Spring Arbor, or Woodstock, when you are walking around in a group of twenty people, you cause quite a scene. Lots of people gawk and stare at us white people. However, the Nemeceks are quite wonderful and from these introductory tours we have been learning some helpful things such as where the laundry in town is, where some cafes and bookstores are, what McDonalds looks like, and how to buy postage stamps.

All useful information.

Here’s a picture of us outside a museum that is currently closed due to a 2 million dollar improvement and renovation.

We also got to check out the mercado which was quite unique and fun. Hundreds of little shops with everything you can imagine. You name it, they’ve got it at the mercado. This city is causing me to lean more and more towards this blog becoming more of a photo-blog for the semester, so here’s another picture. This one’s a personal favorite.

We went to the Nemecek’s house for a while, a virtual mansion, and interacted with Paul’s “Adjusting your Attitude to your Latitude”, which was a discussion on cross-cultural experiences. The end, however, was much more memorable, as we talked mostly about safety and security, and all the different ways that we could get mugged, robbed, stabbed, attacked, disoriented, or dropped into a volcano. The most interesting fact I remember is that while Volcana Pacaya is an active volcano with constant lava spurts and flows and Volcana Agua is inactive, Volcana Agua is much more dangerous because few tourists go there you are quite likely to get robbed. A little alarming.

In the city though, I feel quite safe. Especially during the daytime. Today I sort of rushed home with determination towards our dinner and witnessed some beautiful lightning and storms at the base of the ever-looming Volcana Agua.

While walking around today with Emily and Alyssa we found this door knocker. These have become one of my favorite things to examine as we walk around the city.

Also, Erin, another persona who lives in our casa and attends La Union, her birthday was today! That was quite fun and exciting. It seems like Antigua never really has a dull moment.

Today’s dinner consisted of Chicken, Rice, and beans.

Pretty simple, but just so delicious. We also had some cake for Erin’s birthday celebration which had figs on the top and peaches in the middle. The fruit here is fantastico.

I’m not sure what tomorrow has in store for us, but whatever it is, I remain excited!

Buen Provecho!


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One thought on “Walking in Big Groups in Antigua

  1. Muy Bueno, amigo! Beautiful pictures, too! Thanks for the consistent updates!!!

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