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The Times-Journal

We received a copy of The Times-Journal newspaper of Condon, OR, and I have tried to figure out a way to get it online, but here I am, resorting to typing it out. Here you go:

“The Times-Journal Vol. 125, No. 34, August 25, 2011.

Page 10.

Cyclists ride tandem coast to coast

The plan called for two people traveling on one bicycle, 3,600 miles through 14 states and one Canadian province in about 80 days. A young couple of adventurous students, David Shinabarger and Valerie Sartor, both 20 years old and entering their last year at Spring Arbor University in Southern Michigan, left Boston in May this year, after dipping the hind wheel of their tandem bicycle in the Atlantic Ocean, and set out for Portland, Maine and ultimately Portland, oregon. After many tales of the road, they passed through Condon and other local points Tuesday last week. Arriving in Condon late afternoon, they happened on to Sue Miller who took them home where she and husband Gary offered them food, a shower and a comfortable bed, in exchange for compelling story after story of their cross-country bicycle journey. Wednesday night last week they stayed with Gary Miller’s brother and wife in The Dalles and by the end of last week, they were at the Oregon coast where they dipped the front tire of their bike into the Pacific Ocean. As with most travelers these days, they kept a blog of their experiences, which can be found at Their adventures have also been logged on They covered an average of 60 miles per day, sometimes up to 90 miles and have seen every state liscence plate on the road except Rhode Island. “Oregon has had the nicest people of any state,” they said in their blog. “We haven’t camped since we arrived!”



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