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Home, Sweet Home

So Valerie and I have arrived back in Michigan and Illinois, respectfully. We’ve split up, but only momentarily and only geographically.

Soon we will be re-united for a few days before I head off for Antigua, Guatemala!

This picture is us at Cannon Beach in front of Haystock Rock and the Needles on the left!

As you may have predicted, this blog is going to undergo quite a few changes over the next upcoming weeks. To make much preservation of what we have, I will be posting on here reflections towards the bicycle trip. There are still a few blog posts that we would like to put up that we simply did not have time to while on the road.

This week we’ve been working on sending out postcards to the amazing people and amazing places we visited, as well as uploading pictures onto Facebook.

If you’d like to view our pictures on facebook, click here!

Today I was also working on this for quite a while. All of the descriptions are not quite in place, but you can get the idea simply looking at the map. You can imagine how much time this took to both bicycle and to make the google map. I must say, I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done with Google Maps. So awesome!

Also, since this tab will likely be disappearing eventually, I think that it needs a place to view it permanently. The next blog post will most likely simply be a posting of “What do you do when it rains”, our FAQ of the trip.

As for now? Getting ready for school!


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2 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Love the picture of the two of you kids at heart. That google map creation is AMAZING. Wish you weren’t headed to Guatemala so I could have you both over for dinner and hear firsthand your stories!

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