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The Last Day in Idaho!

We have so far survived Idaho, regardless of Ron Kopicko’s warnings that we would not succeed in crossing it alive. If you look at an Idaho State Map, we have basically followed the river from Idaho Falls through Boise.

We are inside a library right now in Star, ID, ready to head outside to the small white tent labeled. “FREE Hot Dog Lunch”. While the near-vegetarian side of me cringes at this, the near-broke side of me at this point in the trip gets quite excited for anything labeled free.

We don’t have much time, as it is slowly warming up outside. Literally. The weather here in the desert is pretty crazy. It gets in the 50’s at night, and in the 90’s during the day. I appreciate the cool, and thankfully even the heat isn’t so bad due to the lack of humidity.

Boise has a nice “Greenbelt” system that runs through the town, a +100 mile system of paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Our front tire broke yesterday due to some brake wearing, forcing us to purchase what I hope to to be our last bike tire for the trip. Surprisingly, the largest expense on this trip has been bike maintenance, not food. Crazy I know, but we eat just about anything that crosses our paths… except roadkill. So far.

Speaking of food, we made some awesome dinner last night of carb-loaded, Shinabarger-themed Spaghetti and butter-loaded, Momma Waters themed Garlic Bread, complete with Metts-style salad. Delicious.

We took the day off in Boise yesterday. The day before that, we spent the night in Boise at our crazy Couchsurfer’s house after watching the movie Gladiator. I’m not really much of a movie person, but he insisted that we watch the movie. Is there a book? I think I might like it better. Speaking of which, did you know Forrest Gump was a book before it was a movie? We saw the book original at a Warmshower’s host’s house in Wisconsin!

The day before the day before yesterday, Monday night, we slept at the Truck Stop at EXIT 71 on I-84 through Idaho. We were going to do our first centurion of the trip but once it got pitch dark in the desert it got rather terrifying being on the side of the interstate. So, we slept next to the Semi-trucks and the wide load signs in the only trees we could find. In our hammocks, of course.

The day before that we stayed at the United Methodist church in Hagerman, ID after learning that AAA will only give us a ride if we threaten to cancel our service and speak to a supervisor, and instead of giving a car 100 miles of towing, they would only give us 25. You would think that they would give us better service since we cost much less, and our bike would fit in a normal pick-up truck, but I think AAA still doesn’t get the whole Travel-By-Bicycle thing.

Not very many people do.

I know this sounds like teenage angst, but it just seems like not very many people understand us. Or get where we’re coming from (literally). Or understand that we don’t have much room to carry stuff. Or have towels. Or how we go shopping without shopping carts because we can’t carry more than we can carry in our hands. Or that we don’t spend hundreds of dollars at hotels. Or that we only shower a couple of times a week. Or that bike maintenance really is annoying. Or that we aren’t racing across America, we’re traveling across America.

But don’t get me wrong. Our trip is going wonderfully. We’re thoroughly having a great time.

We are just often misunderstood. 😉

Tonight? Vale, Oregon!


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One thought on “The Last Day in Idaho!

  1. Awesome man! I’m happy to hear things are going well. I haven’t been able to keep up with your posts as much as I’ve wanted to this summer because of my own circumstances. Keep it up!

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