In The Way

American Falls, SD

A beautiful day today. Very nice out, with little to no wind. We went about 75 miles today from Idaho Falls. We have ended up on the interstate yet again, which is not much fun.

Idaho is full of passionate potato people and wheat. And mountains. I is quite beautiful and in the valley with which we are situated in, it is actually quite flat. I think it’s the first flat ground we’ve seen since South Dakota!

At this point, I am getting sick of the desert. My eyes are bloodshot from being dried out and at every break I reapply the Bert’s Bee’s pomegranate chapstique. Also, my skin is suoer dried out and we drink a ridiculous amount of water. I still don’t know if we stay hydrated. Valerie just told me the main ingredient is sunflower and, since we pass by many sunflowers each day, perhaps I will try applying some to my face. We passed a lot of sage on the ground today but we decided against putting it on our Subway sub since it was already loaded with everything. I mean everything.

Valerie went on her first “Indian” reservation today. It is still weird to mento imagine calling people that after the fiery Ms. Cleats of last summer.

Big day tomorrow. 90+ miles in the 90+ heat. At least we have a cool warmshowers host to stay with. I like people who say they are “modern Christian hippies”.

We should be in Boise by Monday night. Our map says we are 640 miles from Portland, but I am trying not to think about that.

Valerie and I are getting along quite well, which makes the trip a blast.

Towards the end of the desert! We go!


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