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Geocaching and Horcruxes in Jackson, WY.

I think this might be the first time I’ve used a real computer since South Dakota. Also, this is most definitely the first Macbook Pro I’ve seen since my 2006 model chilling in IL. I have been reading some other people’s adventure blogs when I get the chance and one of my favorites involved a simple stream of consciousness, so I thought that I would try it once. Here it goes.

We saw Harry Potter today. The theatre only had one screen, and only contained perhaps 25 people out of the 200 seating area. It was cool seeing the movie, the 7th book was when all the really really crazy stuff happened.

In Cody we met up with some other cyclists and decided to head up to Yellowstone with a group. We rode up the mountain with all 7 of us, it was quite a trip! It was so awesome to be able to hang out with other cyclists, especially young college students on a budget! It was Mikey, Lenny, Lee, Santi, and Ryan. We all started in the Northeast and were headed for the Northwest. We ended up camping below the base because there was one bicycling campsite 15 miles from the entrance, and the next one was another 40 miles AFTER the entrance. That’s a 60 mile gap of no campgrounds for bicycles. Absolutely crazy.

We all shared food and had a fire at our campsite, which was quite a treat for all of us! We went to bed early and woke up early and about 10 minutes after leaving the campsite in the morning we got dumped on. With water. I mean POURED on. Within a few minutes we were soaking wet. We weren’t sure what to do, and we looked for shelter as soon as possible. We did look around, but we were in the back of the pack. It is so hard to keep up with solo bikers going uphill on a tandem. We did however, look to the left and see a large female moose chilling in a big old puddle. We kept pedaling, but it gave us an excited energy to make it to the shelter.

We made it to the shelter and hid under the rain, not sure whether to proceed or not, hiding with Lee under the rain. Eventually Mikey showed up and he said that it was only about another 7 miles to the Park Entrance. So, we proceeded, but only after soaking our bike with dirt. We stopped outside the East Entrance to Yellowstone at Buffalo Bill’s Hunting Lodge and hung out for a solid three hours. We drank lots of coffee and changed clothes, uncomfortably staring out the window at the non-stop pouring rain.

Thankfully we were in fantastic company and thankfully once we left the building it more or less stopped raining. We made it past Sylvan pass, around 9,000 feat, which was much less difficult than the Powder River pass. But it’s all relative- we did still climb a mountain on a tandem after all.

Yellowstone was beautiful- the last few days were a blur, but a great blur of natural beauty. The hot springs and the mountains and the lakes and the animals and everything are absolutely incredible. I hope y’all are following the twitter feed, I really try to update it whenever I can. It’s hard though, when you go 3 days without any cell phone service.

We took the day off today in Jackson, WY, which was super relaxing. We woke up around 9, but we didn’t really do anything until 2 or 3 PM. We finally got our Wyoming Geocache- We’ve got every state on our trip so far besides Massachusetts!

Tomorrow we head for Idaho! We are getting a ride over the Teton Pass, mostly because I am terrified of getting rained on coming down from the other side. That, and it would be a full day of pedaling as opposed to a short drive, hanging out with Anika.

Anika’s house is awesome! It is right next to downtown Jackson, and Valerie and I each have our own rooms and bathrooms practically! That, plus a computer, plus laundry, plus food, and what more could you ask for? Not much.

All throughout this trip we go places and meet people and I see all the awesome things people are doing with their lives. Quite inspiring. Jackson is a pretty cool town- It’s quite different from Jackson, MI. I think that this town would be quite a cool town to try and get some sort of summer gig at. I was thinking about being a whitewater rafting guide next summer but…. I think you have to chew tobacco for that. And that is definitely not going to happen.

To follow another entertaining blog on a bike trip across the US, check this out. These are 3 of the 5 other bikers we hung out with.

This is “The Money Picture” of Lee, fellow cyclist. Just wait ’til we get home and you get to see the AWESOME pictures we’ve gotten. It’ll be great.



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5 thoughts on “Geocaching and Horcruxes in Jackson, WY.

  1. So very cool … thanks for your faithfulness to blog when you get the chance! Give that cute girlfriend of yours a hug for me … and know I’m loving every minute of your trip from here … even the soaking rain days. Pray for you guys faithfully … see you soon!

  2. Lynn Wynn on said:

    Love Jackson Hole…evidently one of the most overpriced-real estate markets in the country…Did you get a shot of the antler arches at the city square?

  3. Carmen Trevan Greene on said:

    Wish I were 30 years younger! Keep on sharing : )

  4. Ed Stocking on said:

    Do you remember visiting Jackson Hole with us in 2000? You liked it then, too.

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