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We’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain When We Come!

As the terrain gets more and more difficult, it becomes more and more difficult to blog! Especially when there is little to no cell phone service! I wish I could write a full length post but we are just exhausted. In short summary, we stayed in Sundance, WY at the local United Methodist Church and hung out with Dave and Sheri, who were such a blast! They even drove us to see Devil’s Tower, bought us Dinner, and taught us the wonders of Biffles: a wonderful combination of waffles and Biscuits.

After this we went to Gillette and stayed with Tama and her family, another family that pastors a church! After sleeping super soundly in their basement we took off on a 70 mile stretch to Buffalo! That is, 70 miles of a service desert and nothing but a rest stop. Wow. Did I mention that our average speed is 10 miles per hour?

We took the day off in Buffalo with Kate because during our 70 mile stretch we had nothing better to do than to memorize James and to stare at the HUGE mountains in front of us!!!!!

We bought some gear at the hip local store and enjoyed delicious food and company with Kate and Cheryl.

Mikey and Johnny, two friends that we met at Cornerstone Music Festival even drove down to hang out with us at Buffalo’s awesome free pool!

Yesterday we climbed a 9,666 foot pass at an average of ab out 4.5 miles per hour. That was INSANE. Perhaps I will write more about this later, but I still cannot believe we pedaled our hearts out for 7 hours straight. Absolutely crazy.

This just in: we interrupt this blog post to inform you that while typing this blog post in the Greybull City Park, we were just hanging out in our hammocks and Shoom! Shoom! Shoom! One by one the sprinkler system went off!!! We packed up and moved to a different part of the park, laughing and yelling as we ran away. Hopefully now we are in a much more arid location.

Anyways, we stumbled upon a family reunion last night and partook of their s’mores, laughs, an fried cheese sticks. We coasted down the mountain this morning a 25-30mph, and enjoyed the Incredible, spectacular, breathtaking view! Bikin down a mountain just might be the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.

So, we are safe and sound and in Greybull. Tomorrow we head for the Rodeo in Cody, WY!

This picture is the summit/pass, what I think may be the highest point of our pilgrimage.

The second pic is on the way down .

Yellowstone, here we come!




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4 thoughts on “We’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain When We Come!

  1. Wow … so exciting! Actually, I’m a little teary, reading your post and admiring your stamina and joy and the way you’re choosing to live your lives! When you get back … you should come home with Wesley and Kara some weekend, and bring all your pictures! Love you guys … continuing to pray for safety and fabulous experiences!

  2. Sandy on said:

    As a member of the Loden Family Reunion camped at Deer Haven Lodge, we enjoyed having you join us on Thursday night. We wish you well as you continue your journey to Oregon.

  3. Thanks again for stopping in Sundance. You two are wonderful guests; glad you enjoyed the Biffles! We are enjoying your whole trip vicariously.

  4. Lynn Wynn on said:

    Wow, neat! Good for you, you made the pass! I love the Tetons, but have to admit I’d never thought of biking around there. (I’m sure Bob has thought of it, though! He’s currently planning a Colorado cycling tour in late August)

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