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Biking Through The Badlands


If you can see in the background, there are the beautiful badlands. A couple of miles ago, near mile marker 121 in Westbound I-90, we saw our first rattlesnake chilling in the rumble strip right next to the automobiles! So scary! We slept in until 9:30 today, so we are still on the road. Soon we will be arriving a Wall, SD, the famous tourist trap with stickers that say “where the heck is wall drug?”.

Anyways, I think it’s about 92 degrees out, which sounds super hot, but compared to te recent heat of +100 days, it feels great!


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2 thoughts on “Biking Through The Badlands

  1. Bob Kenney on said:

    God IS good! I was hoping you could see the Badlands. You’re in for some real excitement from here on out!

  2. Lynn Wynn on said:

    Did you get your free ice water? hee hee! EVERYONE has to stop at Wall Drug at least once…

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