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Brookings to Huron

There is so much flat nothingness here! You can see down this road for like 10 miles straight! Wow! We at still traveling on Route 14- we are planning to take this road all the way to Pierre. Valerie is taking pictures right now and jokingly said, “we should tell people we are on a road trip to get better profile pictures!”



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One thought on “Brookings to Huron

  1. Carmen Greene on said:

    David & Valerie,
    I am a childhood friend of your Mom’s, David. She is ever so proud of you both! Of course, she wouldnd’t be a Mom were she not concerned for you, [it comes at delivery and lasts forever], but she is also incredibly excited!
    What a wonderful adventure you are on! I am praying for your continued protection on your journey. S.A. will seem even more tame after your vast travels! : ) YEAH! for living out your dreams! May our dear Lord Jesus bless & keep you. He must have amazing plans for you both! Carmen

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