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Bicycling Through South Dakota

We waited for the weather to clear this morning and after visiting with the local newspaper, we headed towards the South Dakota border. As soon as we got back on Rt. 14, we started noticing other bicyclers passing us on the left, heading east. Since we were both travelling about 15 mph each way, we were only able to ask short questions with short answers. We quickly found out that they were headed towards Washington D.C., and so we cheered on every rider that went past. Some of them were young, and some were older.

When we arrived at the border, we saw the support vehicle. We hung out with them for a while, excited to meet other bikers making the full trip. There were 26 of them, and they were travelling from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC. We shared some stories, and we took pictures with a couple doing the ride on a recumbant tandem.

This couple is living out our dream of bicycling on a sweet recumbent tandem. Can you see the Welcome to Minnesota sign in the background of this picture? I hope so.

Anyways, we biked on and the last straggler of the group pulled over and talked to us. His name was Bernie, and he had a blog! We finally found another biker with a blog! Here it is! 

So we pedaled on to a short distance and we have landed in Brookings, South Dakota where we are staying with our AWESOME Couchsurfer, Desi.

We are headed towards Huron, South Dakota tomorrow, approximately 75 miles.

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4 thoughts on “Bicycling Through South Dakota

  1. Yeah!!! What a GREAT treat to meet the other bikers! Way cool, guys! Keep it up … you’re closer ever revolution. Loving you from Lapeer!

  2. JessicaG on said:

    Have a great trip through South Dakota! If you think about it, hit some newspapers along the way … how about Pierre? 🙂 South Dakotans needs reminders that our travelers are of the two-wheeled variety, as well. Enjoy!
    – jessica

    • Do you live in Pierre? We are trying to find a place tonstay tomorrow night in Pierre and, if your house isn’t flooded, perhaps we could stay with you!

      • JessicaG on said:

        Sorry – I missed you. No, I’m in Chamberlain but could have found some names to help you out. I know folks in Rapid City if you get there … DM @jessicabybike if you need some help.

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