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Tailwinds for Dave and Val, tornadoes for Tyler

Today we woke up early with the sun and brushed our teeth on a beautiful Minnesota lake. Because the tailwinds were so strong we felt like we were flying!

The weather in Minnesota has been anything but constant. While today was beautiful, other days have been scorching. We were sprinkled on a bit today while riding through Tyler, but it was nothing compared to what they had on July 1st. That day a tornado came through and left hardly any tree, building, silo, or welcome sign untouched(both were knocked down). Oh yeah, that was also the same weekend their state government shut down.

After stopping at a grocery store then the museum, we stopped at a post office to mail back a few extra pounds. Today was a “poptart every meal” sort of day but we had no complaints. While most of yesterday’s ride consisted of our personal rendition of the song “if I had a million dollars” adding in our own desires, I spend half the day today listing off every delicious meal I’ve ever eaten or heard of to David. I think it’s safe to say our metabolisms have finally kicked it into high gear!

When we found out we were going to be able to go really far today and that it was Wednesday we googled churches in the area we thought we’d be landing in that might have a Wednesday service. We picked out Lighthouse Assembly of God in Benton Lake hoping we’d beat the rain there.

We called when we arrived in town in the light drizzle to ask if they were having service and for directions. After going south a few miles instead of north, we eventually found the church and we a few minutes late instead of a half an hour early like we’d planned.
When we walked in the sanctuary the pastor stopped his message to greet us and let us introduce ourselves to the congregation and talk about our trip for a few minutes.

The message was on two paralleling psalms. One verse in particular we got a lot from was 33:17 which talked about not depending on your horse (or bicycle) but to depend on the lord.

After the service the church prayed for us then we talked with just about every person there about our adventure. They excitedly asked us questions and earnestly let us know what lies ahead. We even met a couple who offered us a place to stay for the night and since it was raining they let us lock our bike in the church and gave us a ride home!

Usually when we go to churches people either don’t listen close enough to hear our story or aren’t really interested– it’s been the same with a lot of bike shops. Many workers will tell us that they did the same thing X amount of years ago or will condescendingly judge our lack of experience/expensive gear. But this church welcomed us with open arms, and even gave us some money and a bunch of candy!

Likewise, when we stopped in Owatonna the other day the bike shop we visited was really excited for us and hung out with us while tuning up the bike. They were the first to ask how we were doing physically and how the bike was holding up. Wayne the owner gave us a bunch of help and great advice on bike stuff and Ann helped with our route.

If this trip has taught us anything so far it’s to depend on God, the kindness of strangers, each other, and NEVER the ever-changing weather.


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One thought on “Tailwinds for Dave and Val, tornadoes for Tyler

  1. Bob Kenney on said:

    What a great blessing you were to that little church…..and they were to you! Life changing experiences that keep us in the right perspective. You guys are GREAT! (And in our prayers everyday……have fun!)

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