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Poison, Pediatricians, Bluffs, & the Government-less Minnesota

The first movie David and I saw together was Harry Potter 7 in theaters last November.  After spending a few hours at my house with my family and exploring downtown we decided it’d be a fun way to spend the rest of the evening.  Our hope this July is to run across a theater some time when we have the time, energy, and cash to go see the new one!

While many couples spend a bunch of evenings watching movies together, I counted last night and realized that we’ve only watched about 6 together in the past seven months.  What have we been doing with our approximately 90 minutes instead, you might be wondering? Well, yesterday, we spent that much time or more climbing up the giant bluff at the beginning of Minnesota.

We were warned by a woman working at a Minnesota welcome center about the bluff but reassured her that we had just come from the Appalachians and should be able to get up it no problem.  While we were there talking to her we asked if we could have a state map.  She then asked us if we REALLY needed one because since the government of Minnesota has been shut down the last week they don’t know when they’ll be getting new supplies.  We told her we were biking across the state and she reluctantly forfeited one of her last precious maps to us.  Besides the lack of state resources available to us, all state parks are also closed until further notice so we’re excited to say the least on where we may be setting up the camp the next few days.

Anyways, back to this bluff.  The Appalachians were tough, don’t get us wrong, but none of them were a straight hour and a half climb up during the heat of the day for us through swarms of gnats and mosquitoes, without sunscreen, on drugs, and running on four hours of sleep.

At Cornerstone music festival David and I both caught poison ivy.  While Dave’s stayed mostly on his arms, mine spread like wildfire.  When we stopped home for a day we set up a doctors appointment for me to get steroids to stop the spreading and help speed the healing. Because I haven’t been to the doctor in years I ended up at the last doctor I had seen– my pediatrician.  I walked in past the six foot tall “Dr. Ted E. Bear” statue and sat on the “contagious” side of the waiting room next to the other sick babies who couldn’t play with any of the toys on the “Healthy” side. When the secretary called me up she asked if my mom was with me so she could talk about my files and insurance.  I told her I was 20 and could probably answer any questions she had.  After an hour visit I left with a prescription, a referral to a “grown-up” doctor, and a unicorn sticker.

While the steroids helped with my rash and skin irritation, it did a huge number on my emotions.  The warning on the bottle about mild mood swings was an understatement.  For the past few days poor Dave has had to endure through my sleepless nights, mid-morning naps, bloody noses after lunch, sleepy leg muscles, extreme sensitivities, and times when I just want to sit and talk for “awhile”.

After pushing as hard as we could for an hour and a half we finally made it to the top of the hill, in disbelief that we’d actually survived.  After a quick break of drinking as much water as we could and yelling “VINI VIDI VICI!” We rode off in search of a Subway for a victory lunch …at 6pm.  Yesterday proved to be one of our longest most tiring days yet, but we made it!

Luckily my last dose of prednizone was yesterday so things should be back to normal soon.  Today we are in Rochester, MN spending our day off at my friend Haley’s parents’ house.  We just got back from church this morning where they were talking about their youthworks! experience and the upcoming Panda Mania VBS next week then came home to a MAGNIFICENT grilled chicken lunch complete with corn on the cob and my personal favorite, cheesy potatoes.  We were definitely on cloud nine. We and the family are hoping to go to their health spa today and go swimming, play DDR, and sit in the hot tub and not move for an hour.  Tomorrow we’re moving on to Mankato, MN where we’re hoping to have Chipotle for dinner before they disappear out west.  We’ve only eaten out about five times on the trip so far but two of our fantasies include Chipotle and an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet.

The seventh Harry Potter movie,
Six times watching movies,
Five times eating out,
Four extremely sore calves,
Three days since our week off,
Two crazy kids who climb mountains instead of going to the movies,
& One bicycle trip of a lifetime.

Also, we bought our plane tickets last week– the trip will be officially over on August 23rd when we board a plane for Chicago.  It will be my first time ever flying.  The train ride we took to Boston was my first train ride and it was 22 hours long.  I’ve also never biked across America so it’s turning out to be a great summer of transportation exploration!


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3 thoughts on “Poison, Pediatricians, Bluffs, & the Government-less Minnesota

  1. I’m so glad that your poison ivy is clearing up! I love you Sweetie!

  2. Beautiful entry, Valerie!!! Lilting, informative, and (as expected) made me smile. Keep going! You guys are amazing, and seriously, an inspiration. Love to you all … if you don’t find a Chinese place on your trip, we have a nice one here in Lapeer …. my treat, when you get home!

  3. Jen & Tom on said:

    My husband Tom and I are looking forward to greeting Davide and Valerie tonight in Mankato! Lucky for them, we are only 4 blocks from a Chipotle!

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