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Leaving Illinois for Wisconsin!

We’re leaving my parents house right now to drive up to Sky Lodge Christian Camp, where my sister Rachel is working as well as Megin Lapa and Jonny Carrol.

We have completely repacked our stuff and took repeat pictures with the new gear, or rather, the lack of new gear. We mostly got rid of our clothes, with which we packed about twice as much as we needed. We aren’t quite Ultra-Light, but we are definitely lightweight.

  We took some pictures again for the second half of our journey: We ‘re going to be going more like 60-90 miles a day as opposed to 50-70 miles a day, so I think those extra pounds really make a difference.

If you remember, we posted similar pictures to these at the beginning of our trip.

Anyways, by getting rid of some extra things, we were able to get rid of over 10 lbs of stuff!

Previously, all of our gear combined weighed right over 40 lbs. Now, with less clothing and less other stuff, our gear weighs just around 29 lbs. That’s over 10 pounds! This is totally awesome. It seems like we want to get a lot of stuff, but it just isn’t worth the extra weight. We’ve cut off tags, cut off cords, removed strings, and we are pretty much down to the bare necessities. We have a few luxuries, but they aren’t much.

This is weighing all the new equipment! Quite excited for the lost weight!

Anyways, off to Sky Lodge to visit family!


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One thought on “Leaving Illinois for Wisconsin!

  1. “It seems like we want to get a lot of stuff, but it just isn’t worth the extra weight.”
    This is not only a great idea, but it serves as a great metaphor for life. Tell me you guys are journaling, taking notes, etc. This trip can be used for so much … not only the actual experience you had, but the stories it will generate really would be a great book. Peace to you both — and ride on!

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