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Getting Back on the Road

We’re about to leave from Valerie’s house in Michigan, where we arrived late, late last night. We drove all day yesterday with some comrades from Cornerstone Music Festival to Grand Rapids, where we waited for a couple of hours for Valerie’s Grandmother to give us a ride to Howell, MI. We have gotten rid of lots of clothes and are ready to hit the road again. We’re headed towards Woodstock, and then Northwest towards Southern Minnesota.

Cornerstone Music Festival was a great experience. While many Cornerstoners treat Cornerstone as one of the most exciting highlights of their summer, it was quite a relaxing experience for Valerie and I. We took many naps while the hardcore music in the background blared. Josh from The Psalters said it best as Theillalogical Spoon practiced late one night under an empty tent: “Cornerstone is a metal festival. You know your music tast is changing when you spend the night listening to a harpist.”.

A few favorite bands of the week include seeing Listener, Soil and the Sun, Paper Route, Phil Keaggy, P.O.D., and The Violent. Also, playing with Theillalogical Spoon was a blast on Saturday night. Apparently the spoons have quite the fan base at Cornerstone- I played trumpet mostly, which was a rare sight at the festival. The only other two times I saw a trumpet at Cornerstone were when Listener played his horn songs, and with a small Indie band at a generator stage. That made the trumpet parts all the more unique for the spoons.

Another highlight included going to one of the afternoon talks on the Existential Migration of a Nomadic Couchsurfing Missionary. He talked about his travels that started with Operation Mobilization and how he has been a vagabond for Christ ever since. He gave some useful tips on blog writing, which is always a plus.

Updating the blog was a challenge at Cornerstone, with the lack of 3G service on the iPhone, and no wi-fi. One tent advertised wi-fi, but when we visited, there were no magical bars connecting us to the information superhighway to be found.

Woodstock, IL, here we go!


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