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Jazz Fest


Just finished rocking out to the jazzfest in downtown Rochestor!


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2 thoughts on “Jazz Fest

  1. David Du Bois on said:

    David, it was so much fun for Dot and me to meet you and Valerie at the Jazz Festival today. I both admire you two, and envy you, the great experiences you are having and will continue to have along the way to Oregon. If you continue to have your great attitude and optimism throughout the rest of your trip, you will meet many memorable people, and life will be changed for you forever. I do want to stay in touch with you and perhaps through you stay in touch with my own youthful vision, in spite of my 85 years.

    Let me know if there is anything I need to do to follow you on your journey. My email:

    Best wishes to you and Valarie for safe and happy pedeling

    • David, it was quite the pleasure meeting you as well. We love when people inquire as to what we are doing, it reminds us that we are abnormal! Anyways, I think that you should be able to follow this blog through your e-mail- I hope that you get updates when we post on here. Thanks! Blessings, David

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