In The Way

Clyde, New York to Rochestor, New York

Today we left the village of Clyde, New York for the city of Rochestor, New York. We arrived during the blaring loud horn section of a band playing in the local Jazz Festival. However, this was not the first festival of the day. Previously, we had stopped outside of the city of Rochestor in Pittsford, New York, where we asked for directions at the library and used their bathroom. Outside they were having Pittsford Days, a local festival just for the fun of it. Before that, we stumbled upon the Fairport festival, where our first sight was 20-30 women doing the awkwardly seductive Zumba dance. Oh yeah. They ranged from age 5-85. Our favorite dancer was the one wearing nearly all camoflage, with a white headband holding back her GIANT 80’s rocker hair. It was one of the most awkward sights that I have ever seen, but also one of the most funny.

We took the last two days coming from Syracuse, where Jennifer dropped us off. Last night, we stayed at a County park that had posted “PERMIT REQUIRED TO CAMP”, with a phone number next to it to call if you had questions. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the area code, and I didn’t have the will to look up on the dying iPhone what the local area code was. So, we camped out there for the night. As Valerie and I were singing and dancing to say goodnight in our camouflaged embankment, the sun was setting. We readied to climb into our hammocks to read Huckleberry Finn when a car zoomed into the park, lighting up everything. We immediately dropped to the ground and backed up, hiding behind the brown and green hammocks. We sat and waited for 20 minutes while the car sat their with their fog lights on, truck turned off. While watching the car, we heard a hissing behind us. we looked back to see a doe behind us, hissing to the woods, signaling our presence. Shortly after, the deer drove back into the woods, and the parked car ran away.

Earlier in the day, Jennifer dropped us off where the Cnalway trail picks up outside of Syracuse. This was west of the city, because Syracuse thought that it would be a good reason to pave over the former canal trail and make it into a suburb. Horrible idea. Anyways, we were stuck in Syracuse for two days dealing with getting Valerie’s passport. Or rather, re-applying.

We hung out at Adam’s Eden’s campground, which was quite a delight. The family of 13, soon to be 14, housed us in one of their cabins and fed us delicious food. We were so enthralled by the hospitality that we stayed an extra day, and Jennifer drove us around town in her Hawaiin-plated truck with her daughter Lola. She gave us delicious food, and treated us beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Valerie and I talk about meeting Angels coincidentally along the road, and Jennifer was definitely one of the best.

Tomorrow, we wake early and head towards Niagara Falls, and on to Canada!


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