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Erie Canal Trail

After the BMX rally on Sunday we headed to church, landing at St. Peter’s Episcopal church. We had “coffee hour” after church which featured some delicious snacks including chocolate covered strawberries!

We then took off towards Albany, but not before stopping at Robert Frost’s grave. The ride down to Troy, before Albany was mostly downhill, which made for very nice riding weather. We cruised into town going through at around 25 miles an hour through downtown, which felt real good.

We biked across town and landed at CSer Kristoph’s house. He is a unique character with lots of crazy stories to tell. Just last week he went hanggliding, and over the weekend his djembe’s head broke from being played so much. He took us to Bomber’s Burrito Bar, which had awesome giant burritos. It being our second time eating out, Valerie and I LOVED the food.

While we were eating, a young man named Ben said he was from out of town and asked if he could eat with us. We quickly discovered that he too was bicycling, and following a similar route to us. We left the next morning from Kristoph’s apartment and Ben left from his hotel room, and we eventually wandered into each other about 30 miles past Albany. About 5 minutes before he bicycled upon us, we had just called a host and had figured out where we were staying for the night. We asked if he wanted to come with us, and he was happy to 0blige.

The Erie Canal trail, other than Ben, has been rather uneventful. It’s flat, which is nice, but often the gravel makes it so that our speed is only 11 or 12 miles per hour. On flat ground with pavement we get about 13 or 14 miles per hour. It really depends on the situation.

Today and yesterday have been hot. Today it is supposed to be in the 90’s- quite toasty for the Northern United States. Yesterday we stopped at a local food co-op for some cheap trail food and, after setting down some sugary melt-away on the ground, they had melted before we could pack them away.

It is still going well. We wandered upon a spring yesterday, where we soaked our heads and filled our water bottles with icy water, which was quite the refreshment.

We are hanging out at Morgan’s friend’s house outside of Syracuse, NY in the town of Manlius (say that out loud and many puns will ensue). We are waiting for Valerie’s birth certificate to arrive in the mail so that we can re-apply for her passport.

We are aiming to be in Niagara Falls by Saturday night. But, as they say, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. 😉


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One thought on “Erie Canal Trail

  1. Barbara Shinabarger on said:

    Fascinating entry! Thanks for keeping us updated!

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