In The Way

Back on the Road

We got off to a late start yesterday due to the many necessary adjustments on Black Beauty. Adjustments included: A new seat for me, raising Valerie’s handlebars, raising my handlebars, adjusting the front derailleur to better shift into a lower gear, adjusting the penniers to better fit, tuning the brakes, and, our personal favorite, attaching a little toy car to the back of the bike. You know, like people attach cars to the back of their bikes.

The day started with an uphill climb up Bromley Mountain after some AWESOME iced coffee from The Bromley Market, receiving the reward descent down through the green mountains. We clocked a new high speed of 42.6 miles per hour.

Other highlights of yesterday include: The Chocolate Barn, Bathroom Races, A giant Obelisk in Benningto, ALDI, our last night in VT, NBL, and short toilets.

I wish I had more time to write. I’m like two days behind right now, but we’re busy living it up with CSer Kristoph in Albany, NY.

A cool city!


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