In The Way

The Appalachian Trail

Two nights ago we spent the night at Lovers Lane and enjoyed the house to ourselves complete with a red plaid blanket, a roaring fire, and caramel-chocolate s’mores. We took the next day off, sleeping in and stretching out. I took a bath and did some laundry, then we headed out for a day on the town.

It started with Scott giving us delicious sandwiches, chips, reeses, and pepsi.I recalled the time in Norwood’s class when Ryan G. informed us that Reeses was owned by Hersheys, a company that openly employs slaves.

We then drove around the mountains in Scott’s red bronco with his dog, Jocelyn. We went to a local bike shop and I bought a new seat, which, after riding today, feels like a giant pillow. We visited Lincoln’s sons house, but refused to pay the fee to go inside.

We then discussed dinner plans and decided to hike up the mountain to cook pasta at the top. So, on our day off, we hiked up Bromley Mountain, cooked dinner, an hiked back down. You should see what we do on our work day.

At the top we met 4 hikers, one of them being a 28 year old Japanese guy, who packed ultra-light. After some inquisition, we discovered that his pack weighed 10 lbs. He admitted that all of his equipment was homemade, including his clothing an pack. And i thought i was cool with the beer can stove. Since then I have been scheming ways that we can lose weight. On the equipment, that is.

He was quite gracious with us, and after we nearly set fire to the shelter on top of the mountain, he let us use his fancy 3 piece alcohol stove, complete with homemade stand.

After dinner we checked out the unbelievable sunset from atop the mountain, then headed down.

We hiked in the pitch dark, with a headlamp and a bike headlight, tripping, stumbling, and listening for anything that might sound like a moose.


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