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Lovers Lane

Sometimes when I talk to our future hosts on the phone, I can’t help but be surprised. When I talked to our current host, Scott, we were in Kennebunkport, and Vermont seemed like ages away. He told us that he lived in a house two miles out of town on a road called Lovers Lane. There was also the time that I called a phone number from warmshowers and we were told by Ewing that his 82 year old parents weren’t there because they were bicycling to his dads 60th Princeton reunion.

Today, we are taking a break for bicycling. We are putting in a “zero” as some backpackers would say, and simply resting. We slept in until 9:15, which,for life on the road, is actually quite late.

Val has ben keeping track of questions that we are asked often, and one of the most popular questions is ” what do you do if it rains?”. Our typical response is to tell people that we cry tears and curse God, however, this turns out to not be true.

Yesterday we started cycling at 8:00, which means that we were up around 6:45. We biked down a windy road that smelled, had narrow shoulders, and had lots of gross construction traffic. I knew it was going to be bad when we passed by a garbage and recycling plant and it smelled like a dump, literally.

We eventually got off the road and took a “shortcut”, which wasn’t really a shortcut because instead of going around a mountain, we went straight over it.

We arrived in Springfield, Vermont, and as soon as we settled down to eat out for the first time, it started pouring outside.

We ate our Pizza, and we tried to figure out what to do next. I called Scott, our host in Peru, and, without asking, he offered to pick us up and drive us to Peru.

After that, we foundthe chamber of commerce with it’s awesome pop culture simpsons stuff, and then hung out at the library.

Scott cave us a ride to Peru, where we had an awesome BbQ with some other couch surfers, Josh and Nicole, who had bicycled from Ethiopia to south Africa!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we do when it rains.



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One thought on “Lovers Lane

  1. You guys are inspiring. Have fun! Do something crazy for me.

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