In The Way

No Moose Today

No moose today. We only came about 27 miles today from Grafton, N.H. to West Lebanon to meet Sayre and Esther, the couple who named their twins David and Daniel first. We rode a good chunk of today on the rail trail. Caitlin and Nathan, our hosts from last night, commute the distance that we went today for work. It was easy, and mostly flat, which was relaxing. The landscape is beautiful here with lots of rivers and rolling green mountains. It is quite the adventure, traveling where the mountains are. Tomorrow we head for Peru, Vermont, which is in the middle of some big mountains.

We rode today with a new rear rack, a tightened front rack, and a new seat for Val. This translates to an all around quieter ride for all sorts of reasons.

David, who I am named after is planning a trip on the AT, which is about 10 mins from here, so it is fun telling him about our equipment. Our space equipment of the UV light and the solar charger. At least we have something to be happy about with the sunshine- A fully charged iPhone!

The last two days we have basically had no service whatsoever, which forces real humAn contact for directions.

Tomorrow we enter Vermont, where I hope to get a stAte map.we survived NH without one, but I like using maps and compasses.



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