In The Way

Grafton, New Hampshire

It’s really hard to bicycle up a mountain when you are laughing really hard.  Really hard.

We bicycled just  around 40 miles today from Gilford, New Hampshire to the small town of Grafton, New Hampshire.

The original plan was to bicycle all the way to Lebanon, but only if the bicycle path turned out to be as awesome as we were hoping it would be. It wasn’t.

We cycled up and down mountains all day, aiming towards Danbury, where the bicycle path started. We stopped at the local “General Store” and bought dinner, which was a Wicked Whoopie, a pack of cheap and crappy cookies, and some ravioli in a can. The store owner told us about his woes and why he doesn’t sell gasoline anymore. He said that he made about 7 cents per gallon of gasoline, but he had to pay anywhere between 10 and 15 cents to the credit card companies. Danbury was small. Real small.

We were planning on camping out on the bike path or something shortly outside Danbury when we asked the owner if he had a bathroom. He told us that his only bathroom was in his apartment upstairs, and that the town next door had a porta-potty bathroom. He said that it was about three miles down the bike path that was made from gravel. It turns out that the next town was way more than three miles, and the bike path was only paved for about half a mile.

We quit the bike path after about a mile due to sandy paths and misquitos and headed pack to route 4, which will take us to Lebanon tomorrow. We  bought some baby carrots at the gas station, and tried to buy bug spray. They didn’t have any. Our backup plan for today was to camp on the bike path, but without bug spray, this seemed like a horrible, horrible idea. So, we stood outside and tried to brainstorm for a while. We were out of water, out of gas, and out of bug spray.

As we were standing outside the gas station, a wonderful couple biked by us on a thick-tired tandem bicycle. I said “Alright!’ and they turned over and came to us.

We talked enthusiastically about tandems and the differences between ours and theirs- Nathan has customized their bike so that the pedals don’t move at the same time. This is a lot different. Still riding a tandem, but working differently.

Anyways, we told them we didn’t know where we were staying for the night. I asked them if we could camp in their backyard, and they said sure. We followed them up a mountain and the road turned into a dirt path that followed an absolutely beautiful bubbling brook with rocky waterfalls on the left.

We are stopped at their house tonight- The house we warmshower-ed at last night had two cats that were siamese. The house tonight has two kittens, one is completely black and one is completely white. So cute. We worked on Black Beauty, fixing the front rack and completely replacing the back rack. Such a blessing.

Also, Valerie has a new seat so we are ready to go for tomorrow! New seat and new rear rack. Awesome.



P.S. We saw a sign today that said MOOSE CROSSING: NEXT 4 MILES . We hope that we see one. The White Mountains are just north of us, and Mt. Washington is about 60 miles northeast of here. A local at the gas station told us that he saw a moose in town TODAY, so we are hoping to see one. It’s probably unlikely, but we can dream big.


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