In The Way

Wolftown, New Hampshire

It’s Memorial Day and 9:00 AM. There are two different church bells going off. One is chiming an old hymn and the other is chiming “Let Freedom Ring”. How appropriate. It’s quite a cackle, both bells ringing at the same time.

The real serious hills started yesterday and I finally adjusted black beauty so that we can easily shift into our eight lowest gears. It’s about time. We are more or less taking the day off today. I think that we might bicycle about 10 miles south of Lake Winnepasauke to a host, but that’s it.

It took us a while to find a place to stay last night. I told a guy who was wearing Merril shoes that we were biking across America and he said “Oh, cool! I did that!”. He then proceeded to tell us about a campground that cost about $30 a night, that was likely full of people due to memorial day weekend, that didn’t answer their phone, and was 5 miles east of where we were. All bad things. We had asked five or six other people for places to stay, with little positive ideas or feedback.

We had given up most hope and were walking away from our Maine Bear flavored ice cream when we saw a couple coming out of the lake with two kayaks. They said something like, “Hey, cool! You guys are touring!”, and I promptly replied that we were trying to find a place to stay for the night. Diane and Chuck from outside of Boston enthusiastically let us camp in their backyard and treated us like kings. We had chips, and then a full Metts-style dinner with steamed and buttered vegetables, rice, and the best local steak that I have ever tasted. They were extremely gracious, and told Valerie and I beautiful scenes of them tandeming in Italy. They gave us all sorts of delicious food, including some ice cream.

Well, off to an easy day today!



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