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Memorial Day. This was meant to be our day of rest and relaxation, but we ended up traveling about 26 miles today. These mountains here in New Hampshire are intense. We ended our day to our host’s home with a 700 foot WALK up to it. We watched a parade this morning, which was pathetic and wonderfull all at the same time. There were probably about 50 people in the parade and the parade stopped about every 50 yards to raise and then lower what seemed like every flag in town. Then the guns shot, and the taps played. There were only thee people shooting the guns, three times each, so I guess it was a 9-gun salute. Isn’t it supposed to be 21?

We are using for the first time today. We called our host around 9 this morning and Ewing answered, telling us that the two hosts from the website aren’t here because they bicycled 600 miles to Princeton, New Jersey for their 60th reunion. Pretty crazy. We are about to head outside and watch an incredible sunset. Out of the four people living in this house, three of them have bicycled across America. In 1984.

This is our route from today:

The most noticable thing on the side of the road in New Hampshire is beer. The kind that comes in a blue can. It’s different from in Michigan- The most numbered item on the side of the road in Michigan is deer, but here it is beer. Not much different anyways, I suppose.

We are feeling pretty good physically. The first couple of days were pretty rough, but we think that it is getting better. The seats that came with the bicycle are getting pretty painful, so we are planning on upgrading seats sometime soon.

We’ve been keeping our morale up by quoting the Tae-Bo workout video, singing songs on the road, doing Yoga, reading Huckleberry Finn, and by taking relatively frequent stops. Our current rhythm has been stopping about every 30 minutes, which is pretty often. It’s not that our legs hurt, it’s that our rear ends hurt. “My bum-bum is numb-numb” is a favorite quote of mine.

Tonight we stay in a 1700’s farm home, heading to Lebanon, New Hampshire tomorrow.


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