In The Way

Springvale, Maine

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I think that some piece of equipment has been lost or broken every day. Yesterday the other side o the rear rack broke, so we have both sides all Jimmy-rigged with small pieces of nylon rope. We went 40 miles yesterday from Portland 7th day adventist church. That was the most ethnically diverse church I’ve ever seen. We are here in the little town of Springvale, Maine. Cute little town with a river running through it an nice downtown parks- this town seems to be ship shape. A couple of bars and pizzerias, a few cafes, and three churches. We walked 1/2 mile into town last night from our camping spot in a beautiful park- we were looking for q bathroom when the iPhone died. After getting denied from a pub and a 7/11 a small cafe owner named Dave excitedly let us use his bathroom. We started out by saying, ” we’re bicycling across America, may we use your bathroom?”. One older teenager who worked at the cafe yesterday asked where we were going. I said “Oregon” and he froze. I think he was in shock.

As we were headed out, the owner gave us ice water and 2 homemade cookies the size of our heads. A lot of people who do this sort of thing, traveling that is, say that this type of thing really restores their hope in humanity. They are right. We are weighted down with a TON of food and we didnt pay for any of it. Golden.

Its amazing, receiving gifts. Its like little angels along the way, who if we were 5 mins earlier or 5 mins later, we would not have met. Incredible.

Valerie and I “bunkbedded” the hammocks last night, which was all silliness. I awoke in the middle of the night to a beaver slapping it’s tail against the water. It sounded like a gunshot, waking me with a racing heart.

I’m convinced it only rains at night here. Anyways, on to Kimball Castle tonight, in New Hampshire!

As one Mainer said, We are going from the good Portland to the other one, “which I guess isnt so bad either”!

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