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Tomorrow we leave for Maine!

Last Friday, we left the Spring Arbor bubble, quickly escaping the Noro-virus. It’s been a pretty crazy last week. I was hoping to put up several more blog posts than we were able. At Valeries, we aquired some additional gear. Namely, a UV-light water filter, stuff sacks, a helmet for Valerie, and some new, very expensive, spandex shorts. The $75 spandex was the most expensive piece of clothing I think that I’ve ever gotten. Tuesday night we packed up all of Valerie’s stuff. I’ve got an extensive list on Google Docs of all of our stuff.

 This is Valerie, with all of her stuff for the summer. All of her clothes fit into two small orange 5 Liter stuff sacks. Check out that passport on the right.

We visited Valerie’s High School in Howell, Michigan, the second largest high school in Michigan. That could be a whole blog post in itself. We then went back home and said goodbye to her family, ready to embark on an adventure.

We said goodbye to her parents and headed for Illinois.

We left around 11AM and drove to Woodstock, just in time for my sister’s A-Capella choir concert. They ended the concert with the principal of my high school and the choir director singing Colbert’s version of “Friday”. Unbelievable. We started the day at Valerie’s High School, and ended the day in mine.

Back in Illinois, it’s been crazy. Really crazy. I’ve got a long list of things “to-do”, and it seems like no time to get ready for them. I’ve been trying to send out Couchsurfing requests like crazy, but when you don’t like sending messages that are copy + paste, and when you actually like looking through people’s profile, it takes some time. However, as of yesterday, we have all of our equipment!

We stopped at a Salvation Army in McHenry, Illinois Saturday morning, where we both got rain jackets. After that, we bicycled 12 miles through Bull Valley, a beautiful ride. When we got at home we finished up some chores and then visited the local bicycle shop, where we purchased our headlight, bicycle computer, bike lubricant, and some stuff to properly mount the rear rack.

Last night, we slept on my parents’ front porch, practicing for the summer. It isn’t really camping, but it’s about the only place on my parents’ property where you can set up a hammock.

I’ve been reading through an ultra-light backpacking book, which focuses on losing weight. On your pack, that is. One fun exercise we did last night included cutting our toothbrushes in half and drilling holes through the handle. My parent’s response? “You know they make travel toothbrushes, right?” 🙂

So, we threw all of our stuff in our packs and put them on the scale. Without any water, our stuff weights about 42 pounds.

So, we are pretty much set to go. We’ve been working hard the last week. I don’t really feel ready to go at this point, but I’m hoping with some intense work in the next 24 hours that we will be set to go.

Tomorrow we leave for Maine.


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5 thoughts on “Tomorrow we leave for Maine!

  1. Awesome, guys! You may not feel it, but I think you’re both totally ready from what you’ve said and from what I know of you!

  2. David, have a great Summer and journey. Share Christ when you can like you did last summer here in Chattanooga. God bless you and Valerie, may he keep you safe.

  3. robbie on said:

    I look forward to reading updates about your travels this summer. Post often!

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