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You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

It seems like this school year, about half of the speakers in Chapel are from Evengelical-Charismatic-Detroit Area-African American churches. I think Ron Kopicko, the chaplain for SAU, really digs this kind of thing. Often times if you stroll by his office you can hear groovy and upbeat gospel music playing.

This semester has brought about quite a few evaluations on the science of language. I mean, why is it that certain speakers use the word ‘Amen’ as a filler word, while others just use silence? I advocate the amen’s- it brings about a unique form of excitement to the speech.

IT’s also quite an entertaining fact for some of the students. Now, I live off campus this semester. This makes me exempt from the required chapel, but I try to attend as often as possible. There’s a certain social sense of starting conversations with other students about the chapel speaker.

The chapel service serves a certain form of sociological bonding, whether the students endure through it painfully, or enjoy it together with laughter and applause.

This entry isn’t well formatted. I recognize that, but I feel the need to write anyways. At least something. Proficient and talented musicians recognize the need to practice several hours a day and athletes see the significance of conditioning and strength training every day. All experts, whatever field they are in, recommend practicing every day. This means to become a proficient blogger, or at least, a writer, I ought to write every day.

Oftentimes, it just feels like what I’m writing isn’t worth putting up onto the online blogosphere.

I’ve been dwelling on several thoughts the last few days. Perhaps I’ll gather my thoughts well enough to write a real post on one of them.

Thought 1: I have a lot of questions that don’t have answers. Big questions, with big, unanswerable questions, and lots of them. I think it’s okay, it’s just when Cline had us write out 5 big questions that we wanted answered, it was hard to figure out that few.

In a Sweater Poorly Knit

Thought 2: How exactly does our generation define itself? Where do we find our identity? Why is it that we get such a large sense of identity from the music that we listen to? When did pop-culture become who we are?

I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be at some sort of party when I am middle-aged, watching some sort of other similarly-aged musician in a mewithoutyou cover band. I wonder if I’d enjoy that sort of thing in 30 years.

Anyways, Easter Break is this weekend. Val and I have plans to bicycle to Howell, a 50-60 mile bicycle ride.

It’s going to be real groovy. 🙂


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