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The snow is melting, the grass is growing, spring is here, and we like it!

The last week has been quite an outdoor adventure, for being a full-time student.

We received our tandem last thursday. After spending a few very frustrating hours on Thursday night attempting to fit the seat posts into the actual bike, we took the bike, which I’ve currently named ‘Black Beauty’ to On Two Wheels in Jackson. They did a few measurements and informed us that the seat posts were not the right size for the bike. So, try as we may, there was absolutely nothing we could have done to fit it in. Amazon refunded the cost, and we decided to embark on a one-day excursion.

This was after the Adventure-Skills-Backpacking class that morning, in which we discussed precisely how to spray, avoid, and gouge the eyes out of black bears.

We picked up the bicycle and after doing some final touches, we went on Black Beauty’s first test run: 50 miles from Spring Arbor to Ann Arbor.

I’ve been thinking about this summer, and precisely how I want to update this blog. I want to update as much as possible, which means that there is going to be a lot of short summaries, as opposed to long stories. So here is a format, the rough draft, to begin a pattern.

This was our route: 

Day: 1st day trip, pre-trip.

Distance: 51.2 Miles

Time: 6-7 Hours

Average Speed, including stops: 10 mph

Weather: In mid-high 50’s. Cold, but warm while we were moving.

Attitude: Hopeful, excited, enjoyable

Physical: Tiring, but more aerobically than strength. Definitely tired at the end of the day, neither of us are in excellent athletic shape. Yet.

Goegraphy: Relatively flat, with some uphills and downhills.

There we go. That should be enough for now. As time progresses, maybe we will add and take away, but I think some simple daily summations like that are always good to keep in check.

The weather right now is as every Spring should be: quite temperamental. It’s hard to tel whether a day will be very warm, and wondeful for riding a bicycle, or cold and windy, conditions that make bicycling quite enduring. I am certain that yesterday morning I once again saw snowflakes falling.

On friday, Valerie and I talked in a section in the DC known as the ‘fishbowl’. As all other students and staff left, we remained, with our seats set up facing the sunset. We said goodbye to winter, with a warm week ahead. It was a good feeling.

Quite a few people are skeptical about these summer plans. I think that they have reason to be- it’s quite an endeavor. I don’t think I’m naive, but I think people are paranoid. I’m just not afraid of living. All great entrepreneurs and visionaries are told ‘it can’t be done’. The media preys on our emotions like a dog, sensing our fear, and exploiting it.

But there’s really something to be said about getting off the couch and living real life. Getting off-line and into the real world is quite rewarding.

As technology and social networks continues to permeate and permeate our lives, the word ‘unplug’ resonates within me. After abruptly stopping using facebook, as well as stopping listening to music constantly, I really notice how these things come up in conversation and distract from developing strong relationships. But alas, here I am, blogging publicly about my life.

There’s just a certain power in words that is undeniable and unavoidable.

B, a co-worker at Sacred Grounds, and fellow blogger, was looking through tumblr today. I couldn’t help but notice that each image only recieved a few seconds of attention. Larry and I held a conversation the other day about how the internet creates an increase in attention defecit, and how the internet is rotting our brain. He read a book about it, that I’m working to get my hands on.

I don’t mean to be too cynical, but sometimes, I just wish there was less pictures, and more blogging. Or, at least spending time IRL. That’s In Real Life.


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2 thoughts on “The snow is melting, the grass is growing, spring is here, and we like it!

  1. David, I encourage you to continue to blog. It helps us here in Chattanooga keep up with you. I also enjoy reading things that a friend posts. Facebook cannot translate indepth thoughts very well. Its like soundbites vs. full conversation through a blog or even a book. Hope all is well and God bless.

  2. Though I am subject to this internet dilemma, I fully agree with you in the matter. I don’t think people are spending enough time in real life. Never mind slowing down while on the internet, that’s not what the internet’s for. Just slow down in general.


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