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Plans, plans, plans.

Last week I finished my plan for my undergraduate degree. This means that approximately the next two years of my life are planned out. This is quite exciting, as the Spring Arbor University academic plan has been known to bring people to tears. Or to force them to graduate a semester, or even a year late. Just for an undergraduate. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Spring Arbor University. Our student body has one of the most connected, most intimate community of any other school that I have been to. It’s the winter that I don’t like.

If I have any say in it, this will be the first, and last full winter that I’ll have spent in Michigan in a long time. It’s warm outside right now, warm enough to bicycle home, but still not warm enough for my liking. Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and normally at this point, it’s significantly warmer.

Valerie and I went to Tennessee for Spring Break, which was wonderful. The warm air felt good, and the grass felt natural beneath my bare feet. About a year ago I wrote a song with the lyrics ‘feel the grass on your bare feet’. Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year, I just wish it would come a little sooner. It’s wearing me out.

I just received a backpack I am borrowing from Robby Bolton, a great librarian on campus. This is a part of my life goals that I had to fill out for my HPR class. It’s like a high school PE class, except less forced, less awkward, and way more expensive. I filled out some goals for my life. It felt good. Here they are.


In the next week: 1) Get all of my homework done regarding school, pluse ace two tests I have coming up.  2) Purchase some bicycle equipment for the summer. 3) Begin physical training, including bicycling to school for at least 5/7 days.

In the next month: 1) Backpack on the Appalachian Trail. 2) Go on a multiple-day bicycle trip. 3) Finish my research paper on Latin America.

In the next year: 1) Become fluent in Spanish. 2) Bike 4,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. 3) Maintain a 4.0 GPA.

In the next 10 years: 1) Get married, travel the world. 2) Have work in progress for Law/Graduate School. 3) Start a garden and live in intentional community.

In my lifetime: 1) Free slaves. 2) Develop a legacy 3) Become some sort of a mentor/teacher/professor.


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One thought on “Plans, plans, plans.

  1. Barbara Shinabarger on said:

    Way to go, David!! Sounds AWESOME!!

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