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Wednesday, the 30th.

Today started off a lot less smooth than I would have hoped for. Iwent to bed relatively early, after talking with Cordell from North Carolina. What a character.

This morning was supposed to begin bright and early, around 7 am. I had an appointment for HPR class, in which I was supposed to get my blood drawn. I didn’t plug my phone in after talking with Cordell over Skype, and I ignored the warning low-battery signals it gave me. As a result, The All-Seeing Eye, my iPhone, completely died. Gone. No more alarm clock to wake me up.

I learned the other day that our body is supposed to sleep until we wake up, not until a robot wakes us up. It’s all ironic then, that I was supposed to wake up an hour and a half earlier than my normal schedule. Something about the whole situation just doesn’t make sense.

After waking, Pilgrim and I headed out with our fixed-gear bicycles and backpacks full of food, water, and most importantly, homework. The fixed gear that I road is a dark fuji, with white handlebars. For the sake of legitimate blogging, I should put  picture of it on here. But I don’t have one. Yet. The whole fixed-gear culture is a culture that I haven’t necessarily avoiding, it’s just that the whole fixed-gear is really a trademark.

It’s right up there with six-dollar lattes, cool hats, and environmental awareness. Well, here I am, riding a fixed-gear bicycle to school.

Today is colder than I expected. Much colder. It seemed to take about an hour after arriving at Chapel for my face and ears to warm up. This training is very necessary, though.

Throughout the complex development of my life goals and my summer plans, the plan right now is to do a bicycle tour from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon.

That means training starts now.


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