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Friday of Spring Break

When 12 o’clock came on St. Patrick’s Day, we were hungry. We had spent all day going throughout the city. Our lunch consisted of some sandwhiches and trail mix made from the local Greenlife, on the north shore.

We had watched the sunset at Signal Point just a few hours before. After attempting to discover the Pumpkin Patch, with no avail. Then we went down to Cardboard Hill for some southern sledding. The sledding ended as all of my sledding typically does, with me getting injured. I can still look at my bare foot with it’s five red sore spots from sliding across the concrete.

After a short game of Marco Polo, we left the Chattanooga’s natives and headed towards the Yellow Deli.

We were hungry. We went inside and looked around. I noticed a girl sitting nearby wearing a Calvin College sweatshirt. We ate our food, and then geocached for a while across the street. We searched at two different locations. One was across the street of the UTC campus, and the other was near the welcome sign to Red Bank, on our way to stay for the night.

We slept outside, and woke up to sunshine and a door slamming. We left around 9:30 in the morning to visit Aretha Frankensteins. After certain waffles of great intensity we drove down south to drive up to Cloudland Canyon State Park in northern Georgia.

We suited up, changing shoes and pants and packing the backpack full of food and water. We read the trail map, and it looked like a 4.5 mile walk to the waterfall. Apparently, we missed some sort of important cartography detail because realistically, it was likely only around a half of a mile to the waterfall.

We went down the steps, in sunshine and shade, pausing every once in a while to look up. We saw the steep cliffs covered with trees. Some of them wore a brown coat, but others wore a wintered Pine Green. The trail wasn’t exactly what I had expected. I’ve been reading books on the Appalachian Trail, so I expected something a little more rugged. The path was well marked, maintained, and had lots of stairs. Lots of stairs. We saw married couples with children, a few friends, and absolutely noone alone. This has got to be different than the AT.

We continued down, and stopped to picnic at a waterfall. There were two men to the left of the clearing, one reading in his eagle’s nest and the other staring at the waterfall. It was quite entrancing.

I thought about how long the two men had been there, and whether they were together. I thought about what it would be like to do that with my hammock. I thought about how wonderful of a place it would be to camp out overnight. I wondered at the thought of getting behind the waterfall. I appreciated being with Valerie. I ate a banana, and then we raced them down the falls.

We sat on a rock and stuck our feet into the water. It was a stark, cold difference from the sunshine above. It was refreshing and wonderful, taking off my hiking shoes. I delighted in the bare feet, and walked back up the canyon with them.

After this, we headed back to Chattanooga in search of Gerald, of Avondale Recreation Center.



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One thought on “Friday of Spring Break

  1. “Certain waffles of great intensity.”

    Love it.

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